Irina u. Andreas O'Dell
Every day we recommend something exciting that we have experienced or that impressed us.  However, we never get anything back for this “advertising”.
With Referral Marketing it‘s different.  A company will not invest in classical advertising but instead takes that money and, in a fair and feature-related way, rewards those of its customers who refer it to others.
Consider this scenario:
There are three petrol stations together in one area: an ESSO, a TEXACO and another one called FREE. The ESSO and TEXACO have fabulous facilities with a new shop, good service and invest heavily in advertising.
The FREE one does not advertise, has only self-service, but does offer its customers a wonderful rewards plan:
As a customer of FREE, you can receive your own personal customer number which entitles you to recommend that filling station to others.  Every time someone you recommend refuels, they provide your customer number and you receive a commission.  In turn, your customers can also receive their own number and refer the FREE filling station to others too.
Instead of putting approximately 60% of its profit margin into expensive advertising, the FREE service station distributes that same amount  in a fair and feature-related way to its referring customers.
In this way, every referring customer of FREE not only has the possibility to pay for their fuel, but can even receive compensation over and above their petrol needs.
Now the question is: Where would you refuel? There, where you pay to refuel?
Or there, where refueling can actually earn you money?
If you have understood this simple premise and apply it to the growing Wellness, Health and Anti-Aging market, then you’re already a pro in the marketing business of the 21st Century - Referral Marketing.
People of all ages can easily learn this principle because we already use the basics daily.
We have a very attractive business and we are in the fortunate position to prove it, if you are prepared to check it out.
If you would like to find out more about this business opportunity, or if you would like to receive some literature, don’t hesitate to ask the person who provided you with this information.


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