Irina u. Andreas O'Dell
Welcome to our site. Thank you for your interest in our story.If you want to know more about us we invite you to read on.My Name is Andreas O`Dell. I`m 45 + years old and happily married to Irina. We have two wonderful girls. We concider ourselfs as friendly, honest and reliable.
If you are the same kind of person, then you will suit nicely into our life,to us and our business.This business has opened us a whole world of new perspectives and people.
Before we started here I´ve already had my small haulage business for 13 years. A business with high risks and high investments. I always knew I would need a second leg to stand on.
Having more vehicles still left me in the same hamsterwheel.Just a few years ago I got to know our closefriend and now businesspartner Ute.As we where looking for an alternative for Irina. Ute asked us if we where interested in what  she was doing.
As we wanted to get to know Ute and Ralf better, we said let´s meet up and you can also tell us about your business. My wife liked it straight away. I couldn´t really believe it was true.
I was open minded though and was prepared to find out more about it. Finding out something like this existed and the posibilities it opend, I would have never dreamed of  being possible.
It´s now not only our joint buisness is prospering. Due to what I´ve learned and the personal developments I´ve made, my Transportbusiness is running now without me.I have become a trainer
and coach.
If beforehand we could only listen to personal, financial and health matters, we now actually
have the possibility to help others prosper.Wich is a much nicer way of dealing with people
We have moved our personal targets and aim and by the time I´m 50 we will be able to do what we always wanted to, but never done, with who ever and when ever we feel like it.
Are you prepared to invest a little of your time to find out what perspectives might lie in
your personal future, get a new positive outlook in life. If you are not where you want to be today, we will offer you the possibility of personal healthdevelopment, growth of personality,
Teamwork. All you need is Friendlyness, Honesty and Reliability.
the Chance of growing a successful business without risk, a Plan B, a solution, or the answer to your questions. All you need is common sense, an open mind, be prepared to learn. An Aim in Life.
We are glad you where interested in our story so far. We are interested in you and your story.
Best Wishes in Life
Irina and Andy


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